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I've been around, mostly in New York, really Manhattan since birth here in 1939. Over all, I've been fortunate to lead a life of study, one marked more by its promise than its fulfillment.

I had a privileged upbringing and formal education—the Buckley School, 1953, Deerfield Academy 1957, Princeton University, AB, high honors, 1961, and Columbia University, PhD, 1968. My professorial career started at a time of high demand — the Johns Hopkins University appointed me to its faculty in 1965 and Teachers College, Columbia, in 1967, where I retired from the Weinberg Chair in 2011.

Following my interests, I've specialized in the history of educational and political thought, circa 1700 to the present; the history of communications; the uses of technology in education; and study of a miscellany of serious thinkers. I've had sustained periods of intensive academic publishing, of directing innovative projects using digital networks in k-12 and higher education, and of letting activities go unexpectedly fallow. Here, I won't try to narrate it all, for you can find the details at].