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Three preparatory objectives

  • Seed the initial parts of the site with well-chosen content at a scale such that no user can imagine encompassing it all. Cultural activities become routinized and sterile when potentially creative participants feel they have mastered all the possibilities. We should always face more to taken in, continually having to judge what is enough.
  • Bring the core workflow to an lucid, manageable, and stable condition. As usage levels grow, people will always uncover new problems in the working of the site. But deficient usability must not frustrate an initial wave of new users.
  • Think out and test engaging forms of participating highly conducive to the basic purposes of A Place to Study—Reading roundtables, My canon, My project, Locality, etc.


Anyone can read and explore A Place to Study and use material from it under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike terms, unless otherwise noted. Long-term, we intend to make A Place to Study anyone anyone with a sustained interest in A Place to Study to start a free account to facilitate their work, to interact with others, and to develop a full presence in the shared effort.

  • To start one, click the "Request account" link at the top right and take it from there.
  • We ask that you provide your full name, your email, and a short introduction about your interests. (See: Fostering community.)
  • We call persons with accounts curators—persons responsible for assembling the collection, exploring the provenance of its components, organizing and presenting them for intelligent use, explaining their affordances and limitations, critically extending and deepening the scope and value of the human uses the whole collection will support.
  • Curators have an account work area, "User:YourUserName," which can grow through subpages. "User:YourUserName/SubPageNames." Others can see all that, like any other part of the site. You construct your presence in the shared effort there.