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Help: Make suggestions


Put suggestions about specific pages on the discussion pages linked to each page.


Add general suggestions below

Brad McCormick. I suggest(sic) suggestions may be good, and I also suggest that the suggester might be a person of whom it might be worthwhile to make acquaintance (if they are still alive). Suggestions suggest both respect for the other and also a thoughtful sense of self, neither self-righteous nor overly self-deprecating. Neils Bohr said: "Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question." (Nuclear Physics, 1929-1952)

I (BMcC) would like to see a directory of users (each one with a link to their base page) linked from the Main page, with a very short annotation on each entry, suggesting why somebody might want to look at their pages. Maybe there is one and I have not found it, which itself would also suggest something. Thank you.