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We identify, organize, criticize, and celebrate key modes of cultivating human possibilities through which people form themselves and learn liberally.

RMcC: Beware clutter. This grouping should be developed or discarded.


What: Culminating

We shape our lives through a constant intentionality, pervasive in all our linking all our perceiving and doing, coordinating them, and directing them to form a complex purposefulness, active across many scales of time and space. This intentionality surfaces sporadically in conscious awareness, but for the most part. We speak of the purpose at hand, but purpose works through every cell, through their manifold aggregations, and through the integral whole through many-sided interaction with the world around. We can think of stuffs of matter and energy as having predictable, routine intentionalities defined by the actions they will undergo in interaction with other stuffs. Those stuffs spring to life when they break their routines and adapt their new-found flexibilities into self-sustaining patterns of activity counter to the dissipative inertia of matter and energy themselves.