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StudySelf-formationLiberal learningIt's all about study leading to self-formation and liberal learning

And while getting to know what A Place to Study is all about, check out quickly—

What it is NOT . . . .

  • An encyclopedic project. Like an encyclopedia, it consists in part in an extensive collection of culturally valuable resources. But people interact with its collection, not to acquire impersonal knowledge, but to further their self-formation and liberal learning.
  • A formal educational institution. We grant no certificates, diplomas, or degrees; we charge no tuition or fees; we have no instructors or professors; we set no curriculum, prerequisites, or admission requirements. People come to study on their own initiative.
  • A library or a museum, in the ordinary sense. On A Place to Study we build collections of text, documents, images, music, and other cultural resources, and provide an online workspace, but with a somewhat different spirit—less to avail our collection to a general public and more to facilitate its collaborative use to facilitate self-formation and liberal learning by interested persons.
  • A self-help or how-to site. A Place to Study is NOT a resource for finding specific answers to explicit questions of help in acquiring specific skills . One comes here to expand, diversify, deepen, and control the questions, to figure out what it is that one does not know.
  • A for profit, commercial enterprise. We put up no pay wall and carry no advertising. We are part of the digital commons created by the volunteer effort of our users and serve no purposes other than those that prompt them to exert their effort.
  • A subordinate to a sponsoring organization. A Place to Study generates no good will for organizations. It caters to no demographic, brokers no commercial exchange, and hypes neither celebrities nor influencers. One comes here to find and fulfill one's humane purposes and and meaning.