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Step through to universal, voluntary study

A fine critic once observed that "Civilization . . . can be reduced to the word welcome!"[1] Welcome to a limitless, ongoing human effort. Here we engage our civilization with open, expansive humanity. Step through to universal, voluntary study.

Our world has gotten crabby and it makes no sense. There's so much more to life than all our self-important quarrels. Let's inquire, celebrate, understand; let's question and think; let's love the beautiful, do the good, speak the truth. Why not? The choice is ours.

Let's do our education over again, this time with a forward-looking spirit—not the weight of the past or the fears of the present forcing our choices, but a strong self-affirmation reaching out to the world of possibility.

Civilization sings welcome to life. Both are Jazz—a pulsing, melodic improvisation, freedom in the face of necessity.

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Possibility, not predictionSomethin' your ownThe visionLook left—Where? What? How? Who? Why? Those are key modes of lived experience. Each differs, but together they they indicate what's involved in our doing what we do. You determine what's next by choosing your preferred path—over time, it will loop through them all.Disclosing the comons"Civilization, to a certain extent, can be reduced to the word WELCOME."—Stanley Crouch (2001).IntractingStudy_Self-formation_Liberal-learningActualitésFive questions shaping educational practice

  1. Stanley Crouch, Jazz (Ken Burns, Producer, New York: PBS, 2001, Episode 4, 0:43:15.