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What follows is draft text for the page. See the footer for when it was last edited.
The main point to be developed—
In introducing this area, we will broach ideas about how cultural endeavor may change some basic characteristics as it comes to take place more and more within the digital commons. The process of the effort, as much as the final fruits of it, may come more prominently into public view. As that happens, it may appear more as a life-long, cumulative achievement rather than a sequence of discrete works, sme large, some small.

We call participants who start accounts on A Place to Study "curators," for they have a special role in developing and maintaing it as a vibrant part of the digital commons.

Each curator has a area in the User namespace as a personal work area to support their study, self-formation, and liberal learning. These work areas are important components of A Place to Study as a whole, spaces in which curator's can develop and present their views about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

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Possibility, not predictionSomethin' your ownThe visionLook left—Where? What? How? Who? Why? Those are key modes of lived experience. Each differs, but together they they indicate what's involved in our doing what we do. You determine what's next by choosing your preferred path—over time, it will loop through them all.Disclosing the comons"Civilization, to a certain extent, can be reduced to the word WELCOME."—Stanley Crouch (2001).IntractingStudy_Self-formation_Liberal-learningActualitésFive questions shaping educational practice