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Throughout A Place to Study let's follow two principles.

  • Engage the work of another as the work of a peer. Shakespeare lived a human life, as you are doing.
  • When another discusses our work, let's listen with neither a desire nor need to reply. Protecting our pride, merely impedes our learning well what we have to say.

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  Brad McCormick -- An aside: The upper left corner symbol reminds me of New Mexico and native American art [I'm not sure what is the currently politically correct term for these persons]. That reminds me of Professor Louis Forsdale, who lived in Santa Fe after his retirement from Teachers College. I tried to encourage "Lou" to join the Santa Fe Intstitute, but, as often, his self-image was apparently too humble for him to pursue this. I believe the reason for his death at Albuquerque (Univ. of New Mexico) hospital due to a massive heart attack may also have been due to his too modest self-image, which may have led him to acquiesce to waiting until the next morning for a cardiac catheterization, by which time it was too late: Did he demand the immediate attention he should have received on ambulance arrival? Or did they say "In the morning" and he accepted this unacceptable triage? (Prof. Forsdale was also an atheist, I believe.)

In 2020, I believe Prof. Forsdale would have been 100 years old, so he probably would not have made it to A place to study. But he might have come closer. I still miss him a lot. I used to have a long telephone call with him each Sunday morning. He similarly kept in touch with his own mentor, a Professor Gray, if I remember the name correctly. Let me remember one more thing: In World War II, Forsdale was assigned as audio-visual aids coordinator at a military educational institution (I forget the name of it). At a staff meeting, the The General in charge introduced "Lieutenant" Forsdale, who was apparently the lowest ranking person in the place. The General explained to everybody that they should treat anything Lt. Forsdale said as if it came from himself. Good General!